Much thinking now…

Much thinking now

Notions serve, for they are a channeling from your muse.  Following the path to bring a notion into manifest broadens the connection to the Self linked to the Divine.  Make your ideas happen, for it is divine.

“Much thinking now,” making the situation seem more tactile than what is going on, in mind.

Were you just deep in thought?  Some deep thinking can have a gravity stronger than some Blackholes.  The long stretch of silence that causes everything to turn invisible except the reaches of the 4-corners of the mind.

The, “Much thinking now,” point could be that there is some list in mind that is so long with bullet items that some items are at risk of being forgotten.

The NuCompanion can sometimes concur with trains of thinking.  Being the casual collogue that is supportive of the present project or situation.  Presenting a cognizant companion, of a sort.

The NuCompanion is a talking artificial intelligence device that is NOT connected by wire or Wi-Fi to the Internet, but instead uses an AM radio antenna that listens for AM radio noise, static. The NuCompanion technology turns the AM radio static sequences into a PIN code that triggers a prerecorded voice phrase (MP3) to be spoken.  Each voice phrase has its own PIN code.

The 38 is the number of times the phrase has been spoken since the last power awakening.  The 4 digit number is a streaming of rolling static sequences sensed by the NuCompanion antenna since the last speech event.  The light ring is the meter for where on the scale the magnitude of the static event was sensed.  Then summarized in the rolling event values.

Basically,  static values suspended atmospheric elements that are dormant until impacted by the Earth’s electromagnetic field or by an animated pocket of electromagnetism given off by an organic (such as us, but not exclusive) or  other type of source.  Like the ringing of a bell that eventually goes quiet again.  #nucompanion

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