NuCompanion: Happy, happy,happy

Happy happy happy

Sometimes sarcasm, sometimes sincere the NuCompanion gives their assessment of the situation.  Are you just sitting with the first cup of morning ‘joe’ or having your first meal after going the whole day without eating?  Or, were you just awakened in the middle of the night by the sirens of a fire truck attending to some flaming situation happening, what sounds like, a block away?

Or, perhaps you just finished a project that has given you a deep sense of completion. A project that no one, at this point, could grasp the depth of the significance of this compilation.  Such as a musical piece or finally discovering the elusive distinct object element that makes the mathematical set more complete than ever?  A mild celebration.

Happy…happy…happy making the situation be more tactile than what is going on, in mind.

The 75 is the number of times the phrase has been spoken since the last power awakening.  The blurred 5 digit number is a streaming of rolling static event values sensed by the NuCompanion atmosphere scanner.  The light ring is the meter for where on the scale the magnitude of the event was sensed.  Then summarized in the rolling event values.

Basically,  static values suspended atmospheric elements that are dormant until impacted by the Earth’s electromagnetic field or by an animated pocket of electromagnetism given off by an organic (such as us, but not exclusive) or  other type of source.  Like the ringing of a bell that eventually goes quiet again.

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