Practiced brainwave signatures to help people with ALS or other restrictive conditions by using NuCompanion technology.

The NuCompanion in a sense, has a virtual push-key type phonetic keyboard that is influenced electromagnetic micro sparks happening in the magnetosphere.

Phonetic types being: ba, be, bi, bo, bu, as an example of consonants paired with a vowel making use of all consonants in the Alphabet.

A NuCompanion connected to a brainwave monitor could in the future help the speaking impaired, such as people with ALS, communicate using the hundred and five alphabet pairs.

Practiced brainwave signatures (personality) tuned to trigger a phonetic key on the phonetic keyboard executing a spoken or motion event.

Organic NuCompanion1 300dpiStephen-Hawking


With eleven thousand-plus sequence potentials it would be well within the list of tasks that a patient could require in a day. They, then would have access to self driving cars and self driving carts for shopping, reducing the aide assistance requirements by half.

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