I have eyes that see.

The Cloud

I have eyes that see.

I can remember, looking back, feeling pain in my eyes.  I remember looking up at the ceiling just to be looking at something, when my eyes were still in my head.

I remember my eyes had a slight water to them caused by the strain put upon my nose from the scent of things that had been cleaned by chemicals unknown to me.

The whole of my senses had spoke to my person begging for a summation that would make sense of all this and the necessity of its presence and critical situation?

I now look down from the place and point on the ceiling where my eyes had once fixated upon as an attempt to blot out critical details in the environment.  Looking down, my eyes see the person that I was.

There, was my head upon the pillow, and my eyes closed.  There, was a figure, shape and form I once held, recognized by others, who still see.  I see now, from behind and far beyond closed eyes.

I go to move past a reflective surface, yet nothing is reflected, only a cloud of mystery holds my mind.  The whole of my senses are in agreement upon where the reflection point was to be, instead there are fleeting images of the things I have known and felt.

The images were playing from some unknown, upon an undiscernible screen, some frozen and some in motion about experiences that left lasting impressions upon the senses of my person.  Images as memories kept in the cloud that is my mind.

As heart-felt images appeared, sparks of light branched out from my cloud of consciousness.

I can sense the cloud, but I only see the sparks darting outward  as my mood shifts along with emotions adrift upon some unseen wind.

Below me are the ones I love, but are still rooted to their physical forms.  Further, I see that they have an outer layer that is glowing, as a cloud.

They too have sparks with lightning speed fingering out from their physical form through their cloud of consciousness.  Upon the cloud surface I see fleeting jumble of images coming in and out of focus as if upon some television screen.

All in physical form here have images of their own in remembrance of me playing upon their clouds.  All playing and coming together as clouds gathered within a region to present a meteorological experience of love and compassion.

In this cloud that is mine, the burden of blood and bone is lifted.  The heavy of all this is has been lifted.  The bliss of now, only exists.  I am now, no longer was or will be.  Only now.

In my now, I see others who are too, now.  Here were others who have never known physical forms, as well as those who lived.  These others had their own clouds of varying shapes and sizes determined by the spark of their mood and the memories that played upon their surface.

All, as well as I, possessing some unknown pocket that held the coinage of our valuable memories.

A farmer and banker was I, who lived, harvested and put into reserve memories for safe keeping, gathering all that I could from this Mint of life and living.  A commodity that now fuels the energy of my core.

As I see the brothers and sisters that are now of my new kind I also see a fuel that radiates from them that also somehow sustains me.  We sustain each other as we gather in this cloud colony.

Some of us share that we know that we will live again, but only when ‘now’ is the right time.

This cloud has the same feel as what I remember from during the time when I was sleeping and dreaming.  That dreaming time is likely the reason that some of the faces here are familiar to me in this place that is new to me.

Below me is the cloud of those who still possess a physical form and their gathering for sharing physical experiences that will be coined into the pockets of their hearts.

Looking back, I know this was time well spent.  Putting into form the necessity of companionship.


The Tower

I am writing today about Towers.  Picture an image of a He figure and She figure falling head first from the top of a tower that has just been destroyed  by a finger  Fate.  In the times before the tower, the towers occupants were exposed to the world and all of its unforeseen dangers.  These unforeseen dangers forced the He and She to always be on their guard and to never know peace.

The day came that the He and She together built their tower.  From the top they could see far over the land.  This high view of the land revealed that all was clear and no present or approaching danger could be seen.  Peace at last.  The days passed into years.  The He and She became complacent and comfortable that no harm will befall them so long as they are in their tower.

Generations passed through the tower and the heirs aged in this safe world of the tower- protected from the dangers of attack.  As the years passed, the skill of defense and fortification were lost to the skill of contentment and consumption.  The He and She of the new age were fat in their safe and certain world.  The He and She grew apart while they conducted their daily lives in their own spaces.  Some days, forgetting that either existed to any degree.

On the dawn of a new and different day a rumble developed over the whole of  the He and She land.  The He looked up pondering the activities of the She and the She pondered the activities of the He.  Both returned to their tasks at hand and ignored the thunder.  The thunder was followed by dust falling from the ceiling, then a crashing and then a brilliance of light filled the chambers as the roof of the Keep opened up to a sun filled sky.  The floor fell sending the He and the She to the ground.  They found each other and in a visual agreement moved away from the destroyed structure.  In a permanent embrace and under the refuge a tree they surveyed their new strange land.  A land without safety.  A land without the tower.

Now the two, their hearts now changed, step out into this world in search of  shelter and the necessity of developing skills for a new time and place.  The Tower card reminds us that nothing is forever and extreme change is necessary to displace complacency and to jolt us into new ages of awareness.