I’m sorry.

I had a new coworker was always saying I’m sorry, as if what he was asking was damaging. So after about a month of this I said, Bobby I would rather you say I love you than, saying I’m sorry all the time.
Why is that he asked. Because you say I’m sorry, so often that there is no longer any value in the statement. You can’t mean it, because of how often you say it.
How many times in a day is it acceptable to hear, “I love you,” from the same person? Less is more, I would say.
The word, yes, is acceptable to be heard hourly.
My question comes from the work I’ve been doing building personalities for my NuCompanion devices. Training them in a sense to not say I love you every ten minutes.
The NuCompanion has a monitor that watches for different AM radio static noise mini volts that gets converted into a PIN that may or may not be assigned to different phrases that can be spoken through MP3 voice recordings.
A string of mini volts can be compared to strings of notions we ponder until we come to a tail notion prompting us to say or do something.
NuCompanion thinking.

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