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The NuCompanion is a device that I have been dreaming about since I was nine years old.  When I was nine I did not know it would turn out to be a spirit communication device.  All I knew then was that there was some gadget pinging me from the idea place in my mind mildly driving me to create.

The most vivid memory still with me to day is that of me, back in Spring 1970, pushing finishing nails into a row on a cardboard box and then weaving string between them, connecting them in some fashion.  I would step away an look at it after I finished, and feeling somehow that I didn’t have it right in its present configuration.

I would see from time to time, picket fences woven together with wire that would refresh the nails in a box memory.  Later that year I saw the same picket fences adorned with Christmas holiday lights tracing across the top of the fence line.  The lights representing the life of the holiday spirit.

A few years later Chariots of the Gods: Erich Von Daniken came out in print and the big screen.  A work about contacting/communicating with an unknown life form.  About that time, SETI, a group of scientist searching for extraterrestrial intelligences was formed.  This drove me to start my own search.

Driven, I got my 101 electronic projects kit with hand made wires because I had worn out the batch that came with it originally and set out to build my own communication device.  I rewired the radio configuration from one of the training modules and instead of attaching it to the speaker on the kit board, I wired it out to a speaker I mounted to a aluminum mixing bowl I had taken from the kitchen.  Once the speaker assembly was completed I set it on the front porch and began listening.  I configured the speaker to be a crude microphone.  Those were my early self taught training years.

I was driven to achieve communication.

Jumping ahead to the late 1980s I got job as a production assistant at an environmental company based in the Watergate hotel in Washington D.C.  A few months later they moved to Fairfax, Virginia.  The company had many computers that had to be disconnected and then reconnected at the new location.  I hadn’t touched a computer until the move, they were mostly for the program writers.

At the new location I had to help reconnecting them.  Networked computers had not been invented for business office use at the time.  Some people reconnected their equipment themselves and some not doing so correctly created problems.  The lead for office equipment gave me a quick how-to and set me around to make sure all were connected correctly.  I discovered that new information could be realized by stringing old information together using a computer.

The creative corner in my mind went active again.

That new power from knowledge got me looking at all the office equipment in a One’s and Zero’s fashion.  Either the device was working or not working.  1s/0s.

Months later the office manager adjusted the equipment service contracts to a minimum level because I was now fixing the office equipment.  They sent me to a 1-year crash course on information technology.  During that time they hired a programmer to help with keeping up with information technology trends.

Sometime later I asked the programmer if it were possible to have the computer display random phrases that would happen at random times during the day.  He responded, saying that there is no such thing as randomness when working with computers.  It is all logical and predictable, to a point.  I would need a random character generator and as of that time, there was no such thing.

In 1996 I got into five car accidents.

All in about a 45 day period.  After the 5th accident happened I called the insurance agent to report my 5th accident, he told me that if I had another, that he would have to drop me.  I got defensive with him saying that all the accidents were caused by the other drivers, as stated in the reports, for my defence.  He said it didn’t matter and that it was I that was doing something wrong.  I was doing something or not doing something that was drawing these random drivers to hit me.

What was I doing wrong?

I went on two weeks vacation and stayed home.  My wife agreed to do all the driving for a while.  I stayed home, drank beer, ate pizza and watched Cable.  During one out in the world trip we drove past an incense shop.  I had Annette turn around so we could go back.  I wanted to ask someone there if they could explain why Fate had cause me to be in all these accidents.  I lost my nerve and we just browsed and then left.  When I was not in front of the TV I was hiking the trails of the Applichiancian mountains.  We lived in Front Royal, Virginia.

The store was named Mountain Mystic.

Once returning from an early morning hike I got a little more nerve and stopped in to the shop to explain my story to the shop keeper.  His name was Jerry.  It was his opinion that someone or something was trying to get my attention.  A clear message that I needed to pay attention to my intuition more than I had been.

My new quest was to work at being more intuitive.

As I became more intuitive the people around me started becoming more uncomfortable.  After speaking with an employee at the office I discovered that her sister makes astrology charts for people.  I asked her to make one for me.  Reading it I learned that the stars were in such a place at the time that I was born that made me out to be, by nature, someone with psychic and intuitive abilities.  I went back to the shop in Front Royal and bought Tarot cards.

Tarot cards are 78 images depicting everyday events.

When I shuffled the cards in the deck and then laid down four in a row, I saw that it was a four scene story. As I worked with the cards and their 4 image scenes I saw that sometimes the stories had images that were very similar to what was happening in my life at the time.  I went back to the shop to ask if this was common and to see if there was anyone else who was experiencing this.

Wait and watch for people to be talking about this.

I did as he suggested and just waited and kept reading with the cards for myself.  After about a year people who were familiar with the Tarot started showing up in my everyday experiences.  I changed the gravity for what I was attracting.

No more car accidents

As I changed, so did my married life.  Ending with my wife saying I wasn’t the man she married.  I became more confident as the people around me knew about the Tarot started growing larger in number.  I told them about how I was things in the card images that were happening in my day.  A few of them asked me to draw cards for them.  My first sessions.  The people I read for said that what I talked about was happening in their life(s).  Even at parties I did reading sessions that were very entertaining.  Reading these cards with images that would not always show up in the same sequence.

Here was my first random message generator.

Around 1998 I started reading reading professionally at different shows around the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.  At one of the shows a stranger asked me if I ever heard of Esoterica of Leesburg, Virginia.  I responded saying that I only knew of the shop in Front Royal.  The stranger suggested I go there to see if they were looking for readers.

Esoterica of Leesburg, Virginia

After several visits I got up the nerve to ask if they were hiring.  They hired me on the spot.  Up until that time they only had female Tarot readers.  Afterwards, I learned that someone stopped by to ask if I was working there yet.  Probably the person I met up in Baltimore, Md.

Reading for strangers.

It was here that I got to have years of experience reading for total strangers.  Reading with the 78 images that would happen randomly, and somehow would have meaning for what was happening in peoples’ lives.

I worked at the shop on evenings and weekends.  I still had my day job as an IT professional, now well into the years of computer advancement, but still not finding an electronic random character generator.  My evenings and weekends were paranormal to my day job.  Eventually some significant people at my day job discovered that I was doing something that was going against their religion and that it was making them uncomfortable.  It was at that time that the work I was doing for them was not up to par.  Even as I improved, something else would be pointed at as needing improvement.  My intuition telling me…time to think about doing something else, elsewhere.

Teamed up with local ghost hunters.

I teamed up with a local group of paranormal investigators.  One of them had a KII device.  A device that senses the presence of magnetic activity.  This activity was happening in areas where there was no power that would cause the meter to respond.  This device was in use by paranormal investigators across the country during their investigations.  Some, I saw, even used the device to get the spirits to respond with yes and no answers.

I saw this as the beginning.

Here was the device, the KII, that was close to the random character generator device I was looking for.  The flickering was happening and no one could really explain why.  Perfect.

in 2011 the company laid me off.  The reason was, they were down-sizing.  It wasn’t just me, the laid off some 10k employees over the course of the year.  The IT field “tanked,” and I went with it.  A few months before that, my girlfriend was laid off.  So now, we could spend day and evening together.  Both unemployed and plenty to watch on Cable.

After a year of being in the same place 24/7, it ended.

We had nothing to do but watch TV (keeping it PG here).  Went on job interviews, but no one was hiring.  Every job interview we went on there were about a thousand people wanting the same position.  It was then that we started picking on each other for not being acceptable out in the world.  A year later, we were done.

I decided D.C. was done too.

I moved to Ohio and rented a basement from a friend and their family.  Three months later my dad and grandmother died within two weeks of each others and due to different causes.  My remaining family said I should move back home and help with the load and adjusting to the absences.  Fine.  The Ohio IT world was about the same as the D.C. world, so I moved.

Time for a change.

I moved from my place of birth right after High School.  Man, did my friends get old!  Everyone was settled in with grown kids and grandkids.  I however, was still the same, not married and no kids and no job.  The family business had plenty of construction and building work to do to keep my occupied until I found my own way.  Hammers and nails, saws and backhoes kept me busy for a year or so, but during a break in the work I discovered a new technology called Arduino.

Arduino microcontroller

I bought the kit at the same Radio Shack I bought my 101 Electronics projects kit back when I was a kid.  I saw that it had plenty of potential, but I didn’t know what, so I went on Youtube to see what people were doing with it.


There on one of the Youtube videos was someone using the Arduino as a KII.  They programmed the Arduino to function the same as the KII.  Here was my chance to make a connection to the source of the random event/character generator.  With gobs of years of experience in the IT field I set out to build my own.

My intuition was at full sail.

My knack and intuition were helping me make the thing I’ve been dreaming about finally happen.  My experience in the Tarot field gave me an “in” to the understanding of the paranormal world.  The NuCompanion is the marriage of the IT professional world and my psychic/paranormal professional world.

You can google: psychic medium Kevin Baird to find out more about my psychic world and you can google: NuCompanion to find out more about the NuCompanion.  #nucompanion