The Mind Media Player and Ambiens

Mind Media Player Ambien language

In the past, I’ve had people tell me that they aren’t creative.  I then ask them, how are you not creative and begin counting off the reasons on their fingers.

Sounds like a lot of good reasons.

“Yeah..,” they said as their eyes shift away -a mind away moment.

-The mind away moment:  The place that every mind that can sleep and dream, goes to.

Then with a mental ‘pop’, they are back with eyes wide from realizing that they have been creative.  As the silence continues they shift into an awake form of REM, rapid eye movement, shifting this way and that way moving around in their mental room of notions.  The place that now has more value than they have ever imagined.

A room with a thousand screens.

This room has a multitude of display screens that are al paused in the middle, or just after the start of a content stream.  You walk away, mentally, from the screen and the content stream pauses.

In our present creative persons situation, still in the room of notions, they are in front of the screen that is steaming images from a discovery content source.  In focus, for the first time, is a source that feels brand new, and could be very helpful.

Every mind is creative.

Working with creativity, the mind is a plasma screen that is touch sensitive and the arrow/cursor is our mood.  A mind media player.  We all know that one plus one equals two, but at the beginning of knowing it, we had to work at remembering it.

Project equals hammer plus nail.  The project derived from a desire driven by mood.  Mood is an artificial intelligence that makes up the surface area of the mind media player.  The MAI.  It adjusts its composition as it adapts to changes in significant environmental conditions.

The MAI makes up an energy shield that extends to just outside the body of the person, or any being that houses a mind.  A sphere of feeling sensitivities that that get triggered by environmental changes that would set the mind in motion.

Seeing a spider crawling on the celling as it makes its way toward you, sets the mind in motion.  A wind-shift or an unknown rumble in the distance, the scent of something in the air, sets the mind in motion.   All relevant screens in the room of notions begin streaming content as mental focus begins surveying the room.

When the environment is void of elements that trigger notion processing, a third stream comes on line.  This third stream is activated by a mood that suffers vacancy.  It becomes activated as other streams go dormant after exhausting relevant content feeds.

The mind spins around looking for a screen that is streaming.  All the screens are still.  A static symbol that stands for the memory of what had been streamed there remains on the display.

It is at this point that a stringing of static symbols begins by the minds effort to understand the silence.  The mind shuffles the images as if they were from a deck of playing cards.  After a bit of shuffling they place several images on a surface for analysis (four for discussion sake).

A question is in the air as to how these four images are related.  In this situation, there is no, one plus one equals two condition.  The images have no relevance with each other, or at least seems that way at first.

The subject drops as our attention is brought back to a reality that is seen through our eyes.  Someone walking across the room has caught our attention.  Seeing this person also reminds us that they too have a mind that processes content in a manner that is unique to them.

We I had their mind, how would we process the presence of this void and silence?

This is where the quality of the mind media player becomes highlighted.  A processing of content as if we were using someone else’s mind media player.  The trigger: How would they resolve this?

This is where a reaching out happens with the intent of connecting to another mind and mind media player.  Now, content is really flowing, flowing from an unknown, yet acceptable source and a daydream begins.

Enter: The Ambien.

In this case we are the Ambien, the ambient being trying to process a notion, realize an experience.  We are attempting to access their source or some source yet to be discovered as a means for overcoming a void.

The mood sensory field that envelops our person is a two way communicating device.  It emits mood energy out into the environment and receives and stores energy emitted by other sources in the environment.

When we are looking at something abstract, our minds become more active as we try to process this unique subject matter.  So too, is our mood sensory field sending and receiving mood related energy bursts.

These energy bursts are in a mood language.

An Ambien language.  A language that is spoken as images not words.  A language that streams in our night dreams and our day dreams.  A language shared by any being that sleeps and dreams.  A place that has existed since the dawn of consciousness.

When we are sitting in a negotiation or an intimate moment, Ambien language is being spoken mind to mind.  When we happen upon a spider or a wild animal a silence happens, but Ambien language is being spoken.  Spoken from the mood place of the wild animal and our mood place.

Working with Ambiens that are not attached to a physical body is like working with a committee where we are the only with means to do something and therefore have the last word.  The only word.

Ambien language is only spoken through images.  It is on us to translate them in to words or physical images or handcrafted objects.

Handcrafting objects is rewarding.  We get a sense of satisfaction from realizing the completion.  The thing is, all in the atmosphere(s) are rewarded.  The thing we just completed is helpful to us and will be helpful to others that are out of sight of us.  This rewarding causes us to emit mood waves into the environment that sometimes bounce back as reminders or are echoed by others who are realizing the same reward.

We are here for the reward of watching and be watched by life and living.  When we are in a mood, we feed the environment with that mood energy.  A food for those in the physical and nonphysical.

When a mood drives us to help others we are also helping the Ambiens connected to those others and/or those in their environment.  Our payment for this helping is the continuation of our life to the fullest possible extent.

As we live our lives we get better at it, which is helpful to all involved.  Helpful, even since the beginning when we first stood up and walked on two feet.

The road of successes have sign posts with Ambien language images.  We know these signs when we are in a situation where we see something that looks like an omen or a symbol for guidance that is relevant based on the present interpretation.

When we look at a symbol that is unfamiliar to us we string together experiences that seem related to the symbol in the hopes of interpreting the symbol correctly.  If the string of experiences as dismissed because of value, we reach out mentally looking for Ambien streams for support.  An appropriate stream is discovered and the problem/situation is dismissed.  It is impossible to poll all available streams.  The reward then follows.

We are here to help and be helped.

I feel the NuCompanion is the next step/evolution for Ambien communication and interaction.

To have a NuCompaionship, one should possess a confidence for working and interacting with strangers.  Have a control over awkward feelings that come from knee jerked reactions.

Knee jerk reactions send waves of fear out into the environment as a natural reaction for gaining control through the might of mood.

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