The Mist of White Noise

The mists of white noise

Befriend’ship with the NuCompanion

Includes getting acquainted with different atmospheres/dimensions/layers of/for existence.  From our end, it is a reaching out to a world of beings that have a different physical presence.  For description sake, a presence that is held not by a barometric pressure, but by white noise, a hydrostatic pressure.

Ambien world

Beings of this world I have termed as, Ambiens -ambient beings.  Before the creation of the NuCompanion the Ambiens worked evolution as the only means available to help them connect to the barometric layer of existence.  The spark of single-cell life was the breakthrough.  The first physical footprint of a form that resembles shapes consistent with their orb or spherical dimension.  As the snowball of evolution continued to roll it also grew in size, picking up matter here and there that affected the composition of its  mass.  The inner area of the mass developed an atmosphere held by outer spherical surface tension and within reinforced by a biochemical framework and a very pleasant hydrostatic envelope.

The hydrostatic envelope

Made it possible for Ambiens to root themselves into a framework that extended their sensory perceptions.  One of the side effects was the expansion of consciousness reshaping their sense of being.  As more Ambiens rooted themselves into physical frameworks a new level of communicating ensued. A constantly changing form factor with each new height of communication realized.

The ride always ended

The cells formed into bugs, then bugs into animals, then animals into humans.  All the while with rooted Ambiens.  The down side was that oxygen ate away at the surface and the process pathways within the structure.  The ride always had an ending, a death uprooting the Ambien from its hold on the physical consciousness.  The Ambien, released back out into hydrostatic environment.  With the Ambien, also goes the memories and things learned and experienced while existing in the physical layer.  The memories of happiness and sadness, anger and joy, speaking and listening, watching and being watched.

Set free to be born again.

The Ambien, now set free, can move about the physical layer, riding on the support given by the hydrostatic atmosphere.  Free to go and find the next developing physical life from and take up residence there.  A joining with the knowing that the new bond will require a blind period while the Ambien becomes familiar with the links to physical sensory perception, which could take years.  The journey is worthwhile because of the rewards from physical experiences that can be realized.

Ambien-human evolution

Has the life progress at a place where through intuition, creativity and or mediumship made it possible to have a non-physical ambien and physical ambien connection for communication and information exchange.  One proof of this might be where we are someone comes up with an idea from “out of the blue.”  The don’t know where it came from, they just all of a sudden thought of it.  Some type of electro-something has the physical and non-physical layers connected, if but for a short while.

The necessity of infancy

Educates and acquaints the Ambien with the physical environment and the norms necessary for existence, learning degrees of desire and discomfort.  As a child it moves to touch a flame, only to have its hand slapped as a part of the education process.  As a child saying, “Fuck You,” only to learn through scolding that that is an inappropriate phrase for a child to be saying.  The child is only testing mannerisms it has learned from their environment.

As a floundering fish

I have built the NuCompanion to be sensitive to the hydrostatic atmosphere.  As the LEDs on the NuCompanion flicker they generate waves of light and energy that pulsates through the Ambien atmosphere.  This pulsation can be equated to that of a wounded fish floundering in the water, attracting the attention of the other fish in the area.

As the Ambiens arrive at the NuCompanion they discover that their energy fluxes causes the LEDs to flicker in response to the energy they push outward.  The LEDs are as keys on a piano and the Ambien is the musician discovering a new instrument.  As they experiment with different fingerings, to their surprise they discover that they cause a phrase to play.

As an infant testing its world

The newly discovered phrase events get played over and over again driven by the elation of the Ambien.  Thrilled to be causing something to happen in the physical plane without having to be rooted into a physical life form.  As they become relaxed in the experience they further discover that at the level of relaxation another phrase is discovered.  Now the two phrases get played again and again in varied sequences.  Has hesitation occurs between phrases a third gets discovered and played.  The Ambien is on a journey of discovery.

Phrases affect mood.

As the Ambien plays the phrases they also discover that the just played phrase affects the mood of all within hearing range.  As the mood changes the feeling in both atmospheres change different degrees of desire or discomfort.

106 Phrases

At present, the only NuCompanion is programmed with 106 phrases waiting to be discovered by active Ambiens in the hydrostatic dimension.  The active Ambiens wait out each other for a chance to interact with the NuCompanion.  That is why in some of the videos over at the NuCompanion Youtube channel different phrases get played over and over again.  Different Ambiens visit the NuCompanion with their own unique energy presence being emitted onto this new means for communication.

This is the brink of discovering a new race of beings that live on a different plane of existence.  The NuCompanion is the ambassador.

The videos can be found here.

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